2010 - 2019

Awards Granted 2010

  • Burnett’s Traders #567 The Morton House Museum, Benton Harbor will have plaster repairs and reproduction wallpaper installed in the living room and library. - $1,800
  • Dexter Trail #1459 A marker will be placed at Fairview Cemetery on the Crossman Chapel/ vault where Daniel Crossman, the namesake of Dansville now rests. Restoration on a stain glass window, in the chapel, will also be completed. - $ 840
  • Fox Creek #216 The Cook School, Grosse Pointe Farms, received reproduction hardware for new board and batten exterior shutters which will protect the old glass windows. A disk, armchair, and chest will be purchased for the school - $2,000
  • John W. Hunter #142, Ellen Scripps Booth #1049, Heirloom #145, and Mary Chase Stratton #384 The Kreger Farmhouse will have reproduction wallpaper purchased for the kitchen, and front room. - $3,348
  • Mah-Nah-Be-Zee #198 The Crocker House Museum will have restoration work done to walls, ceiling, windows, woodwork, and floor. - $5,000
  • Maria Moore #432 The Mary Jackson home, owned by the Milford Historical Society will have restoration work on rotting exterior wood, paint, and fascia repairs. - $1,000
  • Romeo-Indian Village #1196 The Starkweather Building, Romeo will have plaster repair, restoration on casings and cupboards, floor tile replaced, and a Hoosier cabinet purchased. - $3,947
  • Stoney Creek #203 “Girl With Parasol” by Hulda. This oil is part of the collection at Meadow Brook Hall, Rochester. Restoration will repair incipient cleavage, remove a thin layer of grime on surface, secure flaking paint, then a very thin application of varnish will be applied. - $ 420 

Awards Granted May 2009 – June 2010

  • The Morton House Museum, Benton Harbor was adopted as a Michigan Questers project with donations from chapters and individuals. Restoration of the tin ceiling in the enclosed entrance porch was completed. - $4,128
  • Matching funds in the amount of $2,450 were added to the Quester total.

questersheadquartersAward Granted 2010

  • Members indicated at the Fall State Convention that surplus P & R funds could be donated to The Questers Headquarters located at 210 South Quince Street, in Philadelphia. At the November State Board meeting the board was in favor of making a donation for preservation and restoration of our Quester home. Roof repairs will be completed. - $10,000

Awards Granted 2012

  • Dexter Trail #1459 This project is for the Fairview Cemetery owned by the town of Dansville, MI. Without footings, many of the headstones have sunk into the ground more than three feet. They will be pulled up and reset using pea stone as footings. To slow down deterioration and increase legibility the stones will be properly cleaned. As chapter members are doing the work, they require a stone lifting tripod as well as pea stone and an eco-friendly cleaning product which gently cleans without scrubbing. - $415.00
  • Anns’ Arbor # 357 These funds will fabricate and install two storm windows for the Rentschler Farm Museum in Saline, Michigan. All windows are currently being restored to their original 1906 condition. National Registry pending January, 2012. - $609.00
  • Hartland Stagecoach Inn #356 This project benefits the Florence B. Dearing Museum in Hartland, Michigan. The building was designated as a Historic Site by the State of Michigan in 1976. Two original front doors (1893) and a third front door (circa 1930) will be replaced with custom built reproduction doors. This grant is for restoration on original surrounding structure, both interior and exterior, to accommodate the new doors. - $1,225.00
  • Cobblestone Home #1004 This grant is for the White Lake Township Hall in White Lake, Michigan which received State Designation with Registry of Historical sites in 2002. The request is for the purchase of reproduction lighting appropriate to the period of the building. Ten oil rubbed bronze 14” flared shade school house lights on chains are required to replace fluorescent tube lighting. - $1,540.00
  • Wequetong #781 These funds will benefit the Dougherty Historic Home Site built in 1842. The site is owned by Peninsula Township and has Michigan Historic Site designation. The Dougherty Home Site has owned a 1911 Lull Carriage cutter sleigh since the early 1900’s. When restored to a usable condition, this cutter will represent and demonstrate winter transportation in northwest Michigan in the early 1900’s. It will be restored by a craftsman in Clare, MI. - $1,610.00
  • AntonArtCenterJohn W. Hunter #142 This ongoing project is for the Kreger Farm House in Franklin, Michigan which received a grant for wall preparation and wall paper in 2010. The current project will refinish and restore the wooden floors, many of which are crafted from wide- plank wood, including heart-of-pine planking, from Michigan sources available in the mid 1800’s. The kitchen floor will be retiled in keeping with the style of the era. - $3,475.00
  • Mah-Nah-Be-Zee #198 This project will benefit the Anton Art Center in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, originally constructed as a Carnegie Library in 1902. The building is publicly owned by the Art Center and is listed on the State Historic Register. The building still has many of the original windows as well as the original front door. They have fallen into disrepair and their deteriorating condition was addressed by a relatively recent renovation. This project will include the fabrication and installation of storm windows over all exterior historic windows, cleaning and refinishing upper windows as necessary and the rebuilding of rails and stiles. - $5,000.00

2013 Awards Granted by The Michigan Questers P&R Fund

  • Pettipointe #243
  • Maria Moore #432 $2150
  • Romeo Indian Village #1196 $890
  • John W. Hunter #142 $3500
  • Sauk Trail #573 $1420
  • Three chapters working together -- Paint Creek #709, Winkler’s Mill #835 and Sarah Van Hoosen Jones #258 – received a grant of $2910.

2014 Awards Granted by The International Questers P&R Fund

  • Stoney Creek #203 - Restoration of porcelain covered terra cotta urn
  • Sauk Trail #573 - Restoration of four pieces of furniture at the Simmons/Hill House

2015 Awards Granted by The Michigan Questers P&R Fund

  • John W. Hunter #142 - $4257

2016 Awards Granted by The International Questers P&R Fund

  • Mah-Nah-Be-Zee #198 – Restoration of Crocker House Museum porch
  • Stoney Creek #203 – Acquisition of archival storage materials for linen collection

2018 Awards Granted by The International Questers P&R Fund

  • Stoney Creek #203 -- Restoration and conservation of historic doll collection at Meadow Brook Hall: $1,000.00
  • Romeo Indian Village #1196 -- Restoration of wood siding and shutters at the Romeo Historical Museum: $4,537.00
  • Winkler Mill #835 -- Restoration of shades at the Van Hoosen Farmhouse: $2,438.00
  • Sauk Trail #573 -- Restoration to re-glaze bathroom fixtures at the Simmons/ Hill House: $1,252.50
  • Pettibone Creek #777 -- Restoration of sliding doors and roller systems on sheep barn at Haven Hill: $2,250.00

DanielBroughton2019 Awards Granted by The Michigan Questers P&R Fund

  • Minerva Dill #33 received a state grant of $1600.00 for the Charles H. Hackley House in Muskegon.
  • Wequetong #781 received a state grant of $2,066.00 for the Dougherty Mission Museum in Old Mission Peninsula.
  • Wenona #1437 received a state grant of $3,500.00 to restore an unusable stairway in Bay City’s historic Trombley House.
  • Sand Hill #280 was awarded a state grant of $280 for purchase of appropriate shades for the schoolhouse at Greenmead Historic Village in Livonia.
  • John W. Hunter #142 received a state grant of $3250.00 for the Broughton House in Franklin.