2000 - 2008

pettibonecreekAwards Granted 2000

  • Mah-Nah-Be-Zee #198 Restoration and preservation of Franklin H. Hayward paintings at the Crocker House, Mount Clemens - $ 800
  • Cobblestone Home #1004 Purchase and install historically accurate fencing along two sides of the White Lake Cemetery, White Lake - $6,000
  • Grosse Ile #191 Enclosure of and addition to the existing back porch of the Customs House on Grosse Ile - $3,000
  • Romeo Indian Village #1196 Renovations to the kitchen and entrance hall and purchase of rugs and furniture these rooms at the Romeo Historical Museum, Romeo - $4,000
  • Cherry Hill #32 Purchase of a Louis XII Italianate gilt metal frame in antique gold for the 1740 Zuccarelli painting at the Dearborn Historical Museum, Dearborn - $1,500
  • Trenton Truax #680 Wallpaper and restored curtains, rods, hardware and wooden poles for the original bedroom at the Bridge Cultural Center, Trenton - $1,000

Awards Granted 2002

  • Burnett’s Traders #567 Restoration of the stained glass doors of the St. Joseph City Cemetery Mausoleum at the Priscilla Byrns Heritage Center, St. Joseph - $ 200
  • Cobblestone Home #1004 Replace existing concrete in the garden area of the White Lake Cemetery with 600 square feet of pavers, White Lake - $5,000
  • John W. Hunter #142 Preserve and stabilize the Civil War flag of the Regimental Stand from the 1st Michigan Cavalry, Lansing - $2,500
  • Maria Moore #432 Replace deteriorating 1902 iron fencing with compatible style fencing at the Oak Grove Cemetery, Milford Township - $6,000
  • Mikenauk #1057 Restore six log pillars to match the natural wood finish of the other log pillars at the Houghton Lake Village Playhouse, Houghton Lake - $1,000
  • Pettibone Creek #777 Restoration and replacement of Quarry tile flooring at the Ford Powerhouse, Milford. Designed by Albert Kahn, built by Henry Ford. $5,000

Awards Granted 2004

  • Cherry Hill #32 Restoration of one complete window at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Detroit - $1,600
  • Mackinaw Trail #562 Erect a two-sided Michigan Historical Marker with a brick Walkway at the Cushway Home, Saginaw - $1,850
  • Mill Race #1007 To aid in the conversion of a garage into an archival storage building at the Mill Race Historical Village, Northville - $3,800
  • Minerva Dill #33 Restore two mid 19th century oil paintings and frames and return them to where it is believed they originally hung in the Charles H. Hackley house, Muskegon - $4,000
  • Romeo-Indian Village #1196 Install fencing with two gates and pavers and the addition of cement benches and urns in the Romeo Historical Museum garden, Romeo - $2,500

Awards Granted 2006

  • Burnett’s Traders #567 Ongoing project to restore two Fresnel lighthouse lenses Located at the Fort Miami Heritage Society, St. Joseph - $2,500
  • Fox Creek #216 Restoration of oil paintings of the Honorable Ross Wilkins 1865, 1st Michigan Territorial Judge and of the Honorable John Longyear, 1895, 2nd US District Judge of Michigan - $3,600
  • John W. Hunter #142 “Save the Flags” project, Lansing - $3,000
  • Maria Moore #432 Restoration and cleaning of the John and Polly Harvey Everett gravestone in Everett Cemetery, Lyon Township - $1,985
  • Sarah Van Hoosen Jones #259 Preservation of 1925 corn crib to be used as an outdoor educational facility. Sarah Van Hoosen operated this Farm as a model, scientific dairy operation from 1923 to 1952 - $1,425
  • Sauk Trail #573 and Alexander Blue #1265 Restore wood floors and staircase, purchase floor mats and reupholster two library chairs for Simmons/Hill House Greenmead, Livonia - $5,000
  • Spring’s Red Bird #744 Restoration Of Howell Opera House Stairway, Howell - $2,000
  • Elmwood Station #1178 Furnish Plymouth Fife and Drum Corp with uniforms replicating 1776-1783 style. The group performs reenactments playing music from 1700 to 1900 with emphasis on music played during the Revolutionary War. - $1,500

HistoricSignCenterAveAwards Granted 2008

  • Fox Creek #216, Pear Tree #193, Pettipointe #243 And Rose Terrace #1438 Restorative construction on the damaged front porch and appropriate conservation and painting of the Kercheval Provencal Weir Main House. - $5,000
  • Hartland Stage Coach Inn #356 Florence B. Dearing Museum, Hartland received windows restoration and constructed a case to preserve and display an 1865 American flag. - $4,000
  • Maria Moore #432 Stabilize the foundation and make the basement more functional at the Milford Historical Society Museum. - $5,000
  • Wenona #1437 Informative and attractive signs were placed in front of historic homes in the Bay City Center Avenue Historic District. - $3,000