Linden Mills

Name of Historic Site: LINDEN MILLS

Name of Quester Chapter: Shiawassee Mills #420

Why this place matters: Linden, Michigan is a small city in Genesee County, in southern Lower Michigan. It is located on the Shiawassee River which provided power for the mill from 1850 forward. It was a dual grist mill and saw mill which suffered a serious fire in 1903. It was rebuilt to its previous glory and stands in downtown as a reminder of the rich history of Linden and the area. This building houses the Linden Branch of the Genesee District Library. The Shiawassee Mills Questers have donated to P∓R (Preservation and Restoration) fund for several projects over the years, including, the placement of the Historical Marker in front of the building. Stairs leading to the second floor of the mill which leads to the Linden Historical Society was also a project of the Quester group