Plymouth Antiquarians #922, Plymouth, Michigan

In 1827 Governor Cass of Michigan approved the name Plymouth for the township comprising what is now Plymouth, Canton, and Northville. The name was originally proposed by William Bartow, a member of the Territorial Legislative Council and later the first Supervisor of the township. Other names such as Pekin and LeRoy had been suggested, and Podunk and Joppa were already used for parts of the community. Fortunately, Bartow found the name Plymouth to be more historic and patriotic than the others. Many of the first leaders, he noted, had come from families who had lived near Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. The influence of this choice of name is seen today in the architectural, commercial, and social character of the area. Residents have traditionally shown interest in Plymouth, Massachusetts and in Plymouth, England. The 1967 Centennial Celebration was attended by the Lord Mayor from that English city. Antiquarian is often defined as “pertaining to the study of antiquities and ancient works of art.” Although “ancient” may be a bit exaggerated, there is no doubt that all of our Chapter members are deeply interested in the study of historic things and are from the greater Plymouth area, making us the “Plymouth Antiquarians.”

The Plymouth Antiquarians chapter #922 was chartered on July 31, 1979.