Burnettʼs Traders #567, St. Joseph, Michigan

William Burnett landed his canoe on the west bank of the St. Joseph River about 1780, establishing the first permanent European settlement in the area. Trading extensively with the Native Americans, in 1882 he married Kakima, daughter of Potawatomi Chief Aniquiba.

As his trading post prospered, he built warehouses in Chicago and at the mouth of the St. Joseph River on Lake Michigan. Burnett died in 1814 leaving a large agricultural and trading business. Kakima appears to have returned to her family following his death, as she was one of the Potawatomi representatives signing the April 11, 1836 Treaty at Tippecanoe.

Burnettʼs Traders Chapter #567 was established in 1972—one charter member, the founder, Connie Yore, is still active in our chapter.  The current membership meets 10 months a year.