Stoney Creek #203 Rochester Hills, Michigan

 In 1817, young Elisha Taylor asked directions in Rochester for a specific section of land. He had made the long trek from New York to inspect it in expectation of moving his entire family to the new territory. He was directed a mile north of town, followed an Indian Trail, and found himself in a richly wooded valley with a stream. He explored the countryside, mentally selecting home sites for his parents, and his eight brothers and sisters with their respective spouses, and children. As Elisha Taylor selected home sites, he also noted a flat clearing near the stream and planned for the construction of his mill. He decided to call the area “Stoney Creek.” It was not until 1823 that the entire family arrived, but soon after Stoney Creek boasted a schoolhouse, a woolen mill, two sawmills, a blacksmith, and a dry goods store. For a time, the settlement eclipsed Rochester in growth. Unfortunately, the advent of the railroad changed that. But (in 1965) one of the original farms is still owned and operated by a descendant of the Taylor family.

The Stoney Creek #203 chapter was chartered on April 16, 1965.