Louis Vuitton - Authentic or Knock-off: An Expensive Mistake

By Judith Coebly, Plank Road Questers #236

As I spend more time in airports waiting for cancelled flights and crowded terminals to disappear, I notice a dramatic increase in passengers proudly displaying Louis Vuitton rolling luggage, monogrammed handbags, posh wallets, distinctive belts. Keep in mind some of these items are thousands of dollars.

How do you know if you are buying an authentic Louis Vuitton? It is apparent that the more expensive an accessory item is the more the item is faked, duplicated, copied. A $150.00 handbag seems expensive but a $150.00 Louis Vuitton TAKE HEED. Do your research – the City Steamer bag should cost $55,500.00

This article will focus on the details of a particular style: the authentic Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM Small Tote Shoulder Bag – Monogram Canvas. The proof of an authentic versus a knock-off is in the details. Research and you will easily be able to know the difference.

(1)The bottom should be seamless (2) If the bag has a handle count the stitches – there should be 5 stitches across the handle. The handle starts off pale yellow and darkens over time. The trim is burgundy red on the seam not red like replicas. (3) The stitching is evenly spaced and regular (4) The pattern must be symmetrical and aligned across, diagonal and on top (mirror image). The monogram is upside down on the back because the bag is made of one piece of leather. The L is slightly above the V. (5)The hardware is brass bronze plate and should have a greenish hue around the rivets. There is the LV logo on the hardware. (6) The lining is a brown canvas. (7) The handbag has a dust bag of yellow flannel. The LV monogram is on the dust bag – not the name written out. (8) There is a complicated dating code. The code is indented, even and found behind the pocket. Before 1980 there was no organized dating system. If you want to take the time to figure out the code you might want to study the different mixtures of letters and numbers found on the Internet.

Be a wise Quester. A bargain is not always a bargain. Research and be an educated buyer.