BARBIE: Is yours a 1959 original or a 1994 Repro?

Judith Coebly
Plank Road #236

Chances are your childhood memories include a Barbie doll. Many of us want to recapture this memory by finding a Barbie “just like I used to have”. 

Do you want the 1959 “vintage”, “original” Barbie or the 1994 “vintage”, “original”, “reproduction”? BEWARE!!! The 1994 is neither “vintage” nor “original” as was advertised but a reproduction with several differences from the original. Do you want to pay thousands of dollars for your repro? Let’s look at the differences and then you have to decide. Be an educated Quester. Check the most important details. This will confirm you made the right choice and help you recapture your dreams of the past.

barbie21959: “Japan” on right foot
1994: “Malaysia” on the back
1959: Strapless swimsuit
1994: Clear plastic straps on swimsuit
1959: Hair made of saran (thermoplastic resin)
1994: Hair made of polyester
1959: Peachy skin tones
1994: Faded skin tones
1959: Smooth hair, wiry bang
1994: Coarse hair, smoother bang, longer pony tail
1959: Black eyeliner, brush strokes visible on brows
1994: Brown eyeliner, machine painted, brush strokes not visible on brow
1994: Larger eyes
1959: Black pedestal stand
1994: Clear stand
1994: “Mattel”, 1958” on back of neck rim

Fakery can fool even a savvy collector. Questers can reduce this mistake by doing their research. Don’t be fooled. Be very careful whom you buy one of these very costly gals.

There are many books documenting the life of the Barbie. Research!!!!! And Caveat Emptor!!!!!