90-year-old Quester, Marieanna Bair Publishes Book

By Suzanne Skwarski

Marieanna Bair has written a history of Brighton column which is found on page four of the "Tale Trails" Newsletter of the Brighton, Michigan Historical Society for the past 35 years. Her informative article appears in the monthly newsletter and showcases various events that shaped the society, economics, business, and cultural development of the Brighton area.

Her compilation of selected articles from the past 35 years has recently been published and is offered for sale by the Brighton Area Historical Society in a book titled Page Four. Marieanna has been an active Quester since 1974, and has served as Plank Road #236 Chapter President as well as Quester State President. She truly embodies the spirit and mission of The Questers organization as an avid researcher, preservationist, and reporter of history.

Kudos for this wonderful accomplishment at the age of 90 years young! Marieanna stands as a role model for all Questers, as well as for all who wish to preserve our rich historical legacy. Marieanna Bair and her recently published book are pictured below. 

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